At the Fitting Room: H&M Redux

I visited H&M earlier this week during a quick break from work, but after being inspired by PAG’s post, I was determined to visit again, confident I would find something I liked (plus, I loved those coral shoes!). I ended up snagging the SZ6 (I have wide shoulders) knit blazer in pinkish-beige because of how comfy it is; see on PetiteLG here. I already had a navy blue jacket, so I opted to go with the pink.

I’m still struggling on figuring out how to take photos in a very small confined space – everyone is so talented out there! I forgot my camera at home, so I made do with my camera phone. And I didn’t have time to retake photos since I was on a lunch break.
H&M Ruffle Shirt
H&M Ruffle Shirt, size 4.
I agree with PetiteLG’s assessment that it was just too rufflish. It looks better in the photo than in person. I wasn’t wearing a tank top and it requires one, otherwise it would reveal to much. My bra was already peeking out. The sustainable material that H&M calls it is also not very comfortable – with a slight paperish feel (though fairly good quality in terms of make). Also, it’s slightly too short on me, ending up making it look kind of strange.

I tried on a few more ruffly-type tops (yes, I love those kind of tops – as it adds a little something to “that area”!)
H&M beige pink ruffle V neck top, size 2

H&M striped pink ruffly baby top, sz 2
I think the tops look nice with skinny jeans, and I was going to go with the pink striped ruffly top, since it was comfy and I liked how the collar wasn’t too open and not too low. Also, I loved the bright pink color.

The only thing I don’t like about these kind of shirts is the elastic above the waist sometimes digs in, causing it to be fairly uncomfortable, and I definitely found that to be the case with the ruffly royal blue top. I also really liked the light pink V-ruffly shirt, and thought it was comfortable, but not worthy of the $34.95 price tag. (I think I need to find a new pose :))

H&M T-shirt bow, SZ 4
If I gain any weight, it goes directly to my belly, which makes it difficult to wear anything too tight. Here, you can see that the shirt fits fine, but you can see the formation of my belly. (Need to exercise more) The shirt was fairly plain, and though it could be dressed up, I didn’t like it very much. Plus, my neck felt naked.

H&M sparkly beaded T-shirt, XS

I don’t have too many long and flowy tops to match my skinny jeans, and I really liked how the bottom has an elastic you can adjust how “flowy” it is, that I grabbed this in both the white and the peachy color. My neck is still a bit naked, but for some reason, it feels less so.

H&M sandals, sz 6
And, since I’m a bit of a converted shoe addict in the past year, I couldn’t resist the sandals that PetiteAsianGirl posted, that I had to grab a pair. I wanted to test out the coral colors too, but I thought I was lucky enough to even find any pair in any color at all in size 6! The nude one that I’m wearing here was the only one that had a size 6, let alone a size smaller. Then again, they might have had them in the back, but I was in a rush to get back to work that I didn’t have any time to ask. I’ll probably try another H&M this weekend to see if I can hunt down a size 6 in coral. They actually have a bit of space, especially where my foot is and the zipper. I sort of have wide feet so they’re acceptable, but I might see if I can find a size 5 to compare.

Excuse my ramblings – one of my weaknesses is my writing, so I’m hoping to improve!

8 thoughts on “At the Fitting Room: H&M Redux

  1. I like the fitting room pics! I agree with all your choices, that first ruffled top did seem a bit short so the proportion seemed a bit off to me. I’m sure you’ll get a lot of use out of the beaded top – you could probably even dress it up a bit with a blazer, dark jeans and heels! And a great pair of earrings 🙂 How comfortable are the shoes? I think I’m getting old, I wear heels most days at work but after work and weekends are strictly for flats!

    • Yeah, it did look odd as pretty as the color was. The beaded top is very versatile, but I think I will have to wear it with coats, or cardigans, and tucked in, as I noticed that when I bend over, “everything” shows 😛

      The shoes are actually quite comfortable. I’m planning to put some foot petals in to cushion my foot (that’s where it seems like it needs some padding at the ball of the foot) – but the material is ultra comfy. I just recently got into heels, and I’m old – I think I grew most of my collection just this past year! I tend to wear flip flops a lot when I want to kick off those heels 🙂

  2. What great a review of H&M items. It’s been a while since I’ve peeked inside the store since I’m on my shopping ban. But those ruffled tops seem to fit you pretty well…especially the pink striped one! I’m sure you’ll get a lot of wear out of your new items! =)

  3. I bought that H&M stripped bow-neck tee! I liked it because it reminded me of all the nautical themed items for Spring. I like the pink ruffly top on you. Too bad the price tag wasn’t worth it. Maybe you’ll get lucky and find it on sale. 🙂

    • It’s cute, the H&M striped bow-neck tie – it just didn’t work for me unfortunately. I could see it working for you, under a nice blazer =P I get the question whether or not I’m going for an interview everytime I wear a blazer to work.. 🙂

      LOL, I do have $10 in H&M gift cards from the shopping craziness I did a few weeks ago…

  4. Omg, you’ve had so many posts (and it seems that fellow petites have discovered these posts) yet somehow I’m so late to the game! I’m liking these fitting room reviews Gracie! I hope you can find a 35 in the coral. It was roomy for me (darn my narrow feet) at the foot and ankles so when I walked my feet just kind of shuffled. If that’s how a 6 looks on you, I really hope you can find one size down. But wait, did you mean 36, or regular US 6 (which they say is a 35 on the tag)?

    • Haha, now I’m getting all confused – if they say regular US 6 (which is 35 on the tag?) I meant I’m interested in a 5. I decided to get black shoes in size 5 (or 35?).. since that was the only color I could find in that size.

      LOL, not late in the game! I’m still trying to figure what to populate my blog with without spending a lot of $$ =D I actually started a uncluttering post of sorts of “clothes that I do not like/am on the fence about/am going to donate” 😀 Hopefully that doesn’t put you guys to sleep!

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