Target Shoes Review, Part One

My two Target orders were split into many shipments – a few won’t even be available until March. Today, I received two shipments, one item from each order. I’m having a bit of trouble deciding whether or not to keep them.

Target is still having its 20% off $75 sale (immediately applied in cart). Excuse the horrible quality of my pictures and the backgrounds. I’ve been in deep purging/cleaning mode, pills that you shall see in a future post.

In my first order, I got these Merona Ettie Leather Wedge Sandals, sz 6 in black. They are now listed at $22. When I first spotted it, I wanted it in champagne but they didn’t have my size available online. I was curious about the comfort though, and went and ordered it in black anyway.

What I like about it:
– It is so incredibly soft and comfortable. The insole is padded the way I like it, in such a way that my feet don’t start sliding when it gets sweaty.
– Genuine leather upper.

What I don’t like about it:
– The flowers are rather huge. I don’t know if it’s because I wore jeggings with them that it makes me look like I’ve got huge humongous feet. Maybe they’d look better with my boot cut jeans.
– It’s black. I own far too many black shoes. I may have to hunt down the champagne color in store. I think the black probably contributes to the clown feet effect.

– I’m weary about thongs and can only wear flip flops that have a thicker cloth or made of really soft material, but it varies from shoe to shoe. My skin gets easily chaffed and is pretty sensitive to the thong while it rubs in between my big toe and second toe. Even though the thong feels comfortable now, it may not handle up to longer periods of walking. I had a similar experience with a shoe I bought at DSW; it was super comfortable in store, but I quickly discovered discomfort when walking for longer periods of time after I had bought it.

I’m really unsure of whether or not to keep these sandals. They are so incredibly comfortable and cute, though not really sleek or classy. Not that I’m sleek or classy most of the time, especially given the summer where I’m always in flip flops anyway. They’d be good for a summer day. Decisions, decisions!

The second item I received were the Xhilaration Wedges, sz 6 in Tawny (a replica of the Dolce Vitas), priced at $24.99. (Also in black). It seems as though many people bought these shoes.

What I like about them:
– They are surprisingly light and comfy!
– The 3.75″ is a good height.
– They look really great on the feet, especially from the front.

What I don’t like about them:
– The zipper of the right sandal took a while to zip up. I found that it was easier to zip up part way before I put my foot in, as the zipper just wouldn’t want to go.
– They look good directly on the feet, but the whole brown tall wedge made me feel as though I was a midget on stilts (exaggerated, of course). I would definitely say skinny jeans are NOT to be worn with these – otherwise they just look too clunky – I should have taken pictures wearing something that fit both of these pairs of shoes better.
– The material isn’t of the best quality, but that’s what I expect out of a $24.99 shoe.

I don’t own many dresses or skirts, so the one thing I could wear with these wedges would be bootcut jeans. (I’m still slightly lost about what to wear!)

So, what do you think I should do? Keep or return?


10 thoughts on “Target Shoes Review, Part One

    • I ended up deciding that I would return both. I’m too worried about the thong, even though the footbed is so comfy! Did you decide to keep it or return it? <3 your site … everything looks so delicious!

      • Well I did decide to keep them because we were going to a party & I had no other shoes to wear! I am not so good walking in heels so that’s the only uncomfy part to me. I think they’ll be great to wear with skirts in summer.

  1. Hmm…I think both shoes should go back, it sounds like there’s too many things that you’re unsure about and if it’s not your style, you won’t wear it. I’m sure there’s better options out there! =)

    • Yes, both of them went back, and yes, you’re right. I was sitting there contemplating what I could wear with the brown wedges and not make me too self conscious about them and couldn’t come up with too many items. I did try a few different wedges one from Target and another from Steve Madden that I really liked and will keep =)

  2. Hey! The shoes!

    I know you said the should not be worn with skinny jeans, but that’s probably the only thing I’d wear them with because that’s all I own lol. I DO agree it can look chunky if you have petite legs. I’m on the fence about them as well, and am leaning towards keeping one pair just for fun. If you had so many qualms with them though, returning was the right decision!

    Oh, and my DV’s got backordered til mid march. I ended up just cancelling them. You convinced me! If you thought they were that terrible, then I trust you. No need to waste their shipping just for me to take it back to the store : )

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