Ann Taylor Factory Chiffon Ruffle Shell – XXSP or XSP?

I have a tendency to wiffle waffle between sizes constantly, and with the Ann Taylor Chiffon Ruffle Shell, this time is no different – it’s even worse! I think I’m leaning towards the XXSP, but I really don’t know, since I fit both seemingly fine. The difference seems to be a wider neckline in the XSP and they hit at different points of the hip – the XSP is slightly longer (something I don’t mind.)

I keep on putting on the XSP, then the XXSP, then the XSP, and then back on the XXSP, and I’m back to square one. The side picture of the XXSP does seem slimmer when the shirt is straightened out as compared to the XSP. But I’m still baffled. Which one do you think I should keep? XSP or XXSP?

at_chiffon_pewter_xxsp_front at_chiffon_pewter_xxsp_side
Ann Taylor Factory Ruffle Shell, XXSP in Soft Pewter, Front and Side Views

at_chiffon_pewter_xsp_front at_chiffon_pewter_xsp_side
Ann Taylor Factory Ruffle Shell, XSP in Soft Pewter, Front and Side Views

And an unrelated note: Since starting this blog, I’ve really noticed how taking pictures of yourself wearing items you own helps quite a bit in realizing “oh my! I thought that fit….” Case in point, the Vigoss jeans that I am wearing in the pictures are too big for me. They stretch so much throughout the day that it becomes very baggy and I am constantly pulling them up. I ordered them in the right size (26), and thought they look fine since they looked good when I first bought them, but when I took some “back” pictures of the shell, I noticed my behind area just looked awful, all baggy. Since I don’t look at my behind much (that would be something of a magical feat!), it’s very eye opening to see that your behind simply sags – and really tells me that my jeans no longer fit as well as I had thought.

7 thoughts on “Ann Taylor Factory Chiffon Ruffle Shell – XXSP or XSP?

  1. I honestly can’t tell a huge difference between the two! Ultimately it is whatever you feel comfortable. I’m just like you where I can juggle in between these sizes. Good for us since we have a wide variety of options but bad when it comes to decisions! The ruffle top looks gorgeous regardless, love the color on your skintone.
    The only thing I can really say (this is just pickyness) is that there is some wrinkling on the sides with the XXSP. But that is me trying to help you choose between the two!

  2. I would go for the XSP….I agree, some pulling on the XXSP. I like some room in my clothing too…so most of my stuff is a bit big.

  3. Glad you went with the XSP – though either would’ve been fine, it’s best to go with something you feel hangs nicer. I would agree about the in-between size thing! Sometimes I’m a 0, sometimes a 2, never consistent. It’s annoying!

  4. You look amazing in Vigoss!! Thanks so much for posting that on your blog. Check out our blog ( and hit us on Facebook as well. Hope to hear from you

    Vigoss USA

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