Fitting Room Adventures: H&M, Ann Taylor, and Target Part Two

I’m just now getting to blog about the numerous trips that I made to H&M, Ann Taylor and Target. In some of these occasions I forgot to bring my camera, so this blog post is full of grainy photos by my phone, so please bear with me 🙂


Several weeks ago I popped into H&M and only had time to try on a few items. I decided to grab the lacy H&M top and this H&M dress that looked so pretty on the hanger:
hm_sz2_lace_front hm_sz2_lace_side
I think this would be the matching top to the popular lace skirt that so many other petites have bought from H&M. I never took a picture of the tag, but I’m wearing a size 2, and I think it’s too fitting for me, therefore not being all that flattering.

hm_sz4_pinkflutter_front hm_sz4_pinkflutter_side
This chiffon dress however… looked so pretty on the hanger. I thought I would try a size 4, which usually varies in fit for me with H&M, and I was surprised to see how big it was on me. I definitely needed a size 2, but by then I was in a rush and the line for the the changing room was very long. The size 4 was shapeless and sad looking. Plus, though the light pink looked so pretty, I blended in with the dress. Plus, it was slightly see through… I guess if I look at the model wearing it, it’s supposed to be shapeless.

Ann Taylor

I dropped by Ann Taylor since I was returning a few items to a few stores at the strip mall there, and decided to see if there were any sales to be had. Unfortunately, there were barely ANY petite items on sale, let alone XSP or XXSP!! So, while I was there I decided to take a peek at an item I couldn’t keep my eyes off of – the Sleeveless Drape Top, $48. I’m very partial to sheeny shiny foldy clothes, and it really glowed on the model, so I was eager to try it out in the store.

Sometimes, it really helps taking pictures of what you wear, because even though I think the top is gorgeous, I don’t think it works as well for me. I tried this top with XSP, and it’s possible XXSP might look better, given there would be less folds and sit better. At $48, it’s still too expensive. I’d pick this shirt on sale, and in XXSP. This is the dusty teal color, and I also think I would look better in the Eclipse color, as it’s more icy and bold.


Then recently, when I went to return a pair of shoes, I decided to randomly try on a few of the items in Target. I was curious, because they have their new sizing and fits for their jeans on display that I was curious enough to pick up a few pairs in a couple different sizes to try them out. I was excited they actually added a “short” length to their jeans, and eagerly tried them on. Needless to say, major fail on each. I shouldn’t really blog about them … but.. I guess I will anyway, to show the horrible fit!

Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Ankle Zip Jean Crop – Dark Wash size 3
These were so tight I couldn’t zip the jeans up! Since I have larger thighs, I often have trouble finding the right pair of jeans. I think these would work well on someone without thunder thighs (yes, that’s how I refer my thighs :P), surprisingly so.

They didn’t have any size 1s available in the store, but 3S of Mossimo Juniors Bootcut Jean in Fit#6 (Lower Waist & Straight), in 3S, I was swimming in as well. You can see that there is plenty of room between where my thumb is and my stomach, and in general, looked horrible.

I was swimming in these Mossimo Premium Women’s Black Skinny Denim, FIT #3 (Mid Waist and Straight Hip). They didn’t have a size 2 short available, so I just decided to try the size 4, but yes, they didn’t work on me at all. For lean petites, definitely avoid the Women’s Mossimo denim – as I was swimming in the size 2 short. And for reference, I’m usually a 0p in denim and 2p in pants at the LOFT.

Trying on Fit#3 size 2S, of the Mossimo Women’s Medium Wash Skinnies, they were still way too large. Junior jeans might work better than women’s, but in general, I’ve shied away from Target jeans. I was just curious, and had some time to kill, and decided to try them out. Needless to say, I won’t be trying on Target jeans again anytime soon!

While I was there, I took a peek at a few of the shoes on display.

Dolce Vita for Target in Cork Wedges, $29.99, sz 6
I ordered these in gold a while back with other items, but I thought I would give these a try in the store. They come in gold, brown, and black. The sandals are slightly big in the ankle, but everything fit perfectly.

Dolce Vita for Target in Rope Wedges, sz 6
I never reviewed this item when I first received it, but since I was in the store, I thought I might as well do a proper review. The brown wedges look a lot better than the Nude, and I think the pair that I received, the faux leather was so stiff, I couldn’t even stick my foot all the way through. The biggest problem with this sandal wasn’t so much the way it looks (it looks great!), but it’s too big in the ankle area. When I lifted my foot off the ground, there was so much room between the ankles and the shoe that it separated from the sole of my foot. The material was a bit suffocating too. You can see in the second picture the amount of room (though blurry)

Mossimo Pavla Peep-Toe Booties, $29.99, sz 6
I am not normally attracted to these kind of booties, where the only part showing from the foot is the toes, but I thought, why not. It was made of suede, and because of that material, was extremely comfortable and well fitted and easy to walk around in. Plus, the bottoms are skid-free, which is always a good thing. Plus, with the bottoms being platform, there seems to be good enough padding after long periods of walking (my observation at least). So I would recommend this bootie, and it looks like the review on Target also approves. They come also in beige/brown, or “mushroom”.

Mossimio Purvi Peep-Toe Booties, $29.99, sz 6
These were sitting near the Pavla booties, and they were more of a style bootie that I’d be interested in. They seem comfortable, but after trying those Pavlas, they’re definitely not comparable, due to the faux leather material. They also come in cognac and grey.

8 thoughts on “Fitting Room Adventures: H&M, Ann Taylor, and Target Part Two

  1. oh man, I ordered that AT top today too in XXSP in the same dusty teal color. I hope it works out for me. The color is really flattering on you but I agree it’s at least a size big!

    And that first lace top you tried on is SO CUTE on you…you may not think it’s comfortable but it’s so pretty and really accentuates your lovely figure.

    • The AT top I tried on was XSP, since that was all that was available in the store. I actually ordered it today as well, but in the darker color.

      Aww.. thanks re the first lace top. As you can tell, I’m still trying to find my style, and need help with fit. It was a bit too snug on me, true, but sometimes when that happens I’d go up in size and end up buying something that doesn’t look as good. I’m always waffling between sizes, and my next post will prove my point 😛

  2. It’s great that you’re doing some reviews of items I don’t normally try. I remember Target being very inconsistent with sizing across their multiple lines, some run small and some run large. But I think it tends to run larger than smaller on the whole. =)

    • Hi Jess : ) Yes, I do think they are very inconsistent with their sizing, so I think I’ll take a break for a while from their jeans at least. I find their junior sizing is okay for petites.

  3. Hi Grace –
    Thanks for your comments on my site – I love yours! It’s funny how much you can get into seeing others’ posts…though for a so-called “Recovering Shopaholic” it’s doing nothing for my recovery! Do you find that Target’s shoes run a bit big? I am a size 6 myself and had to go down to a 5.5 for everything I bought this past Sunday – some good clearance items that I hope to blog about in the coming days.

    Also, you are crazy to call your thighs “thunder!” You are so tiny!

    I look forward to following yet another Petite on her journey to find things that fit!


    • My site still needs help 😛 since I just started out. I still don’t like the template I’m using, but I’ll find something that works eventually. I do like how I can reply to everyone individually 🙂

      I agree re how much you can get into seeing other’s posts. It’s all about self control, something I lack these days, but I’m trying to be better. You could also just leave your credit card at home, and only carry say.. $50 cash with you so you’re forced to part with only that much 🙂

      I think their shoe size varies. I have wide feet, so while it fits in the sole, the ankle is too big. I am curious to find out how a 5.5 Gold Cork wedges might fit on my feet; I have a feeling it might be too tight in my width, but perfect in the ankle. Ah well.

      Haha, well, in relation to my calves, my thighs are pretty huge, plus, they curve and aren’t straight. LOL, okay, being too self critical… thanks for dropping by! I’m looking forward to seeing your journey – and your journey of purging – I have more items I need to capture and donate!

  4. I have to agree with Elle that the lace top looked really nice on you! I’m trying to think of Spring here even though the weather is absolutely dreadful lol. It looks like you have to size down on the AT top. For some reason I think it will drape better if the neckline was just a smidge lower. I just feel like it will look a bit more sophisticated but that may just be me.

    • No, I trust your guys’ opinions more than me. Hence the name of my blog – it’s not Grace has Style, it’s Grace Finds Style 😛 I’m still trying to find style and appreciate all your guys’ opinions. I ordered the XXSP, so I’ll have to update you guys to let you know if it fits better. One thing I’ve learned since starting the blog and taking pictures though, is that items that I once thought fit, really don’t 😀 Jeans, especially.

      Thanks for the compliment about the lace top 🙂 I’ll have to start reversing my idea that something that feels snug is too tight for me. I have a tendency to like bigger clothes just because they’re more comfortable, and don’t realize that the fit is so off…

      Thanks Hanna for dropping by!

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