Trying to find my voice

In the past few years, I spent many months following some of my favorite blogs – ExtraPetite, FrmHeadtoToe, and then peeking at a few other excellent blogs here and there like WendysLookBook. I started squirreling down and reading more and more petite blogs, and I had noticed that I had in parallel, started to spend more and more as my budget had magically increased. I went from hardly ever shopping for clothes, to always browsing for clothes, and always online. You know, those clickable links of what bloggers post of what they’re wearing didn’t help my compulsion any?

I’ve never been a very good dresser. In fact, much of my wardrobe contains ill-fitting clothes, I’m sure of it. You see, I have a hard time figuring out if something I wear is a “good fit” or an “okay fit”. So, this is something that some of my favorite bloggers taught me (besides learning that some higher end items really do look awesome…) – you have to pay attention to fit. I had to stop reading them so regularly otherwise I’d always want whatever they were wearing. I quickly realized though, what fits for one does not mean it will fit for me. A better chance, being petite, but everyone is of different shapes and sizes. I tried to start a similar blog, instead of writing for myself, I was writing for other people. And then I decided it really wasn’t a very good thing on my budget. This, coming from a girl who owned perhaps maybe four shoes (a pair of runners, a pair of flip flops, a pair of dressier sandals and a pair of boots) to acquiring what seems like 25 pairs of varying shoes (and still growing). Following fashion has not been good for my wallet, but perhaps I dress better, maybe? I’ve acquired three closet full of clothes – 3/4 of which I don’t even like or wear.

So, it’s time for me to sort them through the DONATE, KEEP, MAYBE pile and go from there. Not without some experimenting I suppose. I tried to do that earlier in my de-cluttering posts, but utterly failed. Perhaps second time is a charm? And maybe there are other people out there like me, who had started a blog, but really couldn’t keep up – nor did I want to keep up with the ever growing need for new clothes, new shoes, and a new purse.

Maybe I’ll use this to write about whatever I’m reading, or whatever whims enter my head. This site needs a makeover so badly. I’m still trying to find my voice – and perhaps if I write more, I’ll be able to find my voice better without feeling as though I have to write about the latest trends in fashion (and sacrificing my budget), and be more of whatever is on my head – whether it be a very expensive item I’m coveting, a new toy I’ve gotten (I mean, there is the “nerd” in my title), what book I’m reading than dedicating it to just clothes. Or perhaps I’ll be that boring person that just posts their ill fitting Outfit of the Day that consists of clothes I wore just last week 😛 I do however, maybe want to explore my travels of going to the tailor. It’s kind of stupid but I’m kind of afraid of taking my clothes in. I’ve only really ever had my pants hemmed, but knowing that celebrities always look good due to always being tailored has motivated me to try and go down that route instead of buying something new… travels with the tailor perhaps? We’ll see.

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