Inspired by the many petite bloggers on the web, this blog was started to help inspire myself to find a “better me”. When attending college, surrounded by fellow engineers, and now, working in a primarily engineering world, the wardrobe consisted of t-shirts, jeans, sneakers, and no make up. Plain jane. Looks and hygiene (and social skills) were not important. It was all about the brains. At work, social skills (and hygiene, as many of you might be happy to hear) are important, but t-shirt, jeans and sneakers seem to be all that are required in the engineering work force.

In the latter part of 2010, after following a few bloggers who are so polished in their wardrobe, makeup and are also petite, I took a closer look at my wardrobe and found that a lot of my clothes, even my nicer ones, were ill-fitting, too big, too droopy, too long. I went on a huge purge of clothes that I did not like and started on a new adventure of finding clothes that would actually fit. I found that in my bigger clothes, I looked even tinier than I was, and when I wore more well fitted clothes, I looked “less skinny”. It helped to know what brand names were good for petites and which ones were not (thanks to those in the petite blogging world!) I still feel awkward being more “dressed” up going into work than the rest of my peers, but I find that the small boost in self confidence was greater than how embarrassed I felt.

I suppose I’m luckier, since I’m “fatter” in the hip, butt and belly region than other small petites (but still, fairly flat and shapeless in comparison to the general population), that a lot of bigger sizes fit me on the bottom, but it’s hard to find pants that are short and flatter shapeless and flat bottoms. I am able to wear from XXS-S (due to the various sizing of retailers), and size 2-6s on the bottoms. (0s-4s for dresses). Because of my strange sizing, I often have no idea what size I am, even at the same retailer and even if I had bought something there already.

In addition, my face is full of acne scars, spotty bumps, blackheads, big pores, and hopefully starting this blog will help me find a road to a prettier, clearer face along with a better style, outside of my “nerd” style! 🙂

Other random facts about myself: Am Chinese Canadian-American, <3 chirashi (mmm.. salmon roe!), sparkly things, cute things, photography (I know, it’s hard to tell here :P) jewelry, entertainment (movies + TV), and gadgets (yes, I'm still an engineering nerd at heart)! Love the idea of simplicity, and I do like politics… to a degree.

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