Re-Visiting My Blog

So I’ve pretty much decided that I will probably use this blog to write about whatever hits my whim stylistically and occasionally, physiotherapy about make-up and skincare.

I’m still struggling to find a style that suits me, thumb but not sure it’s worthy to talk about. I neither have the means to sustain trying to find a style or the time, check so writing every day is out of the question. But, I realize I still don’t like much of what I wear, and hopefully people can tell me if what I’m wearing should be “donated” (my existing clothes), “kept”, or “returned”. Because really, cameras do tell what fits people the best 🙂 Also, working where casual clothes are permitted, make it so easy to fall back into just being a plain jane, which I’ve done more of as late than any other outfit.

I’ve been concentrating more on accessories lately, but most of the time I’ve been struggling to find good places to buy affordable fashion jewelry, the same goes for discovering new clothing (as opposed to the same ‘ol places.)

At the same time, I have really bad hyperpigmentation and I’ve been trying to fix it for the past couple years, but haven’t been able to get them to fade. I’m kind of lazy with my skin though, so I’m hoping at least writing this down will make me more motivated to applying my serums more regularly than just splashing water on my face and cleaning my face with a wash cloth.

So, this blog will also be a “I need help!” sort of blog — and I still need to fix the header 😉 Hopefully my blog will be revived, somewhat.


Banana Republic One Day Sale 11/16

Okay, so I’m really behind all my normal posts (I really bow down to all of you who take photos as often as you do – and beautiful ones at that) – I had written a few posts on hiking gear that I never posted, alas I am so bad.

Anyway, just wanted to have an update with the latest coupon that’s only good for in stores from Banana Republic.

The coupon is good for 50% off up to five items. Click through here to print the coupon.

Let me know if you find anything worthwhile!

LASIK, re-visited

Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been missing in the blog-sphere lately, in all of my blogs! In addition to avoiding reading style blogs temporarily to help cool down my over worked credit card from use due to looking at all you lovely ladies looking fabulous in all your new wear, I had been gearing up for my retouch surgery or “enhancement” starting a couple weeks ago.

Basically, since my first surgery, my right eye remained with its astigmatism from day one, which means everything remained blurry around the edges and made text look fuzzy. Thankfully, my left eye was basically perfect, and improved so much that it compensated for my left eye’s troubles.

Side Effects

  1. I can remember that driving at night the first few weeks was sort of a nightmare. I had somewhat lost my confidence driving at night and almost got into an accident; the halos (the glow around a light source, in particular headlights) were huge, as well as star bursts (star effect coming from a light source). Plus, everything was blurrier and my depth perception was messed up. However, the starbursts and halos eventually went away.
  2. Dry eyes. Even though it had been three months, I still had to put in eye drops everyday, otherwise my eyes would start to feel sandy, and I would start to look like Dracula with little red veins running everywhere.

The Enhancement

The blurriness remained whenever I covered up my left eye, so, after having pretty much the same prescription in my right eye, I went in for my enhancement yesterday. They didn’t have to use the laser to reopen my flap, as once the flap is created, never really heals. Think of it as a lid to a container. However, prior to lifting the lap, I was told that I would feel like there was an eyelash stuck in my eye, which would be different than my first experience.

Boy, were they right. After the numbness wore off and after I slept for two hours, I was in pain. It’s exactly like having an eyelash stuck in your eye- but you can’t rub it or wash it off. So my eyes kept on tearing and tearing all night. I woke up to put in my antibiotic and inflammatory eye drops, but wonder if my tears washed them away.

Waking up this morning, my right eye is still blurry. I was half hoping that it would be like my left eye – immediately clear. But, when you get LASIK, it takes a while for your eyes to stabilize. Most of my friends however, their vision was immediately clear when they got it. So, I can’t say I’m not disappointed.

I tend to read and research before any purchase, and this time was no different. The stories you read about people who lost their best corrected form of vision and have daily pain is scary to read. Some have to wear glasses or contacts again, while others in the worst case, get depression because of pain, nausea, headaches due to their poor vision that they did to themselves and ultimately want to commit suicide everyday.

Scary stuff. I go for my post-op checkup in a few hours, and a “smaller” eyelash feels stuck in my eye, so at least I can actually open it now for a good ten or twenty seconds before having to close it, as opposed to yesterday when it was just pure painful to open it at all.

That’s all for now, I’ll probably update again about my LASIK experience in a month or so. Look for more project un-cluttering posts to come. I’ve been inspired by Lily to continue with those kind of posts. No shop my closet for me, as my little ol blog doesn’t have enough visitors, plus, since I’m getting rid of things that are too big for me, not sure who they would fit! 😛

But, hm.. the question remains — should I head to LOFT to check out their 40% off sale? That twisted pleat shell is calling my name! — they’re all sold out online!