So.. it’s been almost a year! (and Jeans!)

I should really start blogging! I’ve decided, even if I can’t even pretty up my blogs with pictures, I should start somewhere right? I went on what you shall say, a blog break because I was doing the awful thing of buying everything that looked good on all the other bloggers. But, it’s hard to keep up in the style world to get good tips whether or not its beauty or style if you don’t follow other bloggers somewhat. But, I think I have a better idea of what I’m looking this time around and a bit better discipline.

Also, I’m not the most confident with how I look, my face, my style, what I wear, etc… and this blog was a way for me to share my discoveries with the world and perhaps discover what works for me and what doesn’t. Because, as I’ve noted before, pictures really don’t lie! What appears to look good initially looks horribly on camera. In fact, despite not really doing anything with my blog for a few years now, I’ve found that I did pick up the habit of taking pictures of what I’m trying on in the dressing room to get a better idea how it really looks on me.

Sometimes though, it’s still hard to judge. Like jeans, for example. I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect pair of jeans. Snug, but not too tight, no scrunching up at the knees. Butt-wise, since I have the typical flat Asian butt, something that will “perk” it up and not what I’ve discovered my latest Gap jeans give me is the “Mommy-butt” look. Small pockets with little to no embellishments. All this, and it has to come in petite size. Often it doesn’t look right when I chop off the ends of a regular sized jean. I’ve looked up and researched several brands (Joe’s Jeans, 7 for All Mankind, J Brand), but when it came to trying them on, most of them were a disappointment, and mostly, just so long. Makes me think there’s something wrong with my legs (and my legs aren’t proportional really!), but you know the mantra: It’s the jean that’s wrong. Oh, okay then. I’m still on the look out for the jean that literally jumps off the page for me. Wish it were that easy! So, until that happens, I’m still on the lookout. I’ll have to do a jean post sometime in the future 🙂

Banana Republic One Day Sale 11/16

Okay, so I’m really behind all my normal posts (I really bow down to all of you who take photos as often as you do – and beautiful ones at that) – I had written a few posts on hiking gear that I never posted, alas I am so bad.

Anyway, just wanted to have an update with the latest coupon that’s only good for in stores from Banana Republic.

The coupon is good for 50% off up to five items. Click through here to print the coupon.

Let me know if you find anything worthwhile!

LOFT Weekend Review

I’ve been avoiding the stores lately since I had decided that I needed to halt my shopping a little bit. But, after meeting up with one of my friends for lunch, she wanted to go to LOFT to shop for a few new items and asked me to go with her. Besides, I love LOFT and thought why not try a few items while my friend was looking for a few things (of which she found some beautiful items — not available in petite, to my envy)! Here are a few of the items I tried on.

Petite Marisa Cropped Cargos, 0P $49.50


Liked, will wait for a sale. I actually really liked these pants. I have a few wedges that I think would work with this and it’s pretty casual. My friend thought it worked with pumps as well. What do you think? yay or nay? How else do you think I could dress them? With runners? sandals? Or are the cargos too casual for it?

Luxe Jersey Crossover Dress, XS $69.50
Skip. As I saw my friend look through some gorgeous dresses, I came across this interesting crossover jersey dress that unfortunately only came in regular. The color really caught my eye, and jersey dresses with interesting twists or “drapery” or folds for some reason always make me want to try it. However, as you can see, this just draped me all wrong. For one thing, despite the dress having a tie, I still remained extremely shapeless. Plus, I was wearing a bad bra (where the cups don’t lie flat) so the dress just made it much worse, due to its crossover.

Island Flower Peplum Top, XSP $49.50
Like. Wait for a sale. I really liked this top, despite the strange way the the front part of the top was like one large pleat (hard to describe). It was cute, but the price deterred me. Surprisingly, the top has already sold out. The fit was good, but because of the slight strange look of the top on the side (with the front curving outward), this was definitely a buy that I could wait for when it was much cheaper.

Twist Pleat Shell, XS $49.50 in Warm Iron
LOVE. Wait for a sale and/or find it similar in petite and on sale. My friend tried this top on and I loved it so much, I decided to try it on in regular, since there were no petites available for this beautiful top. It looks really huge here, but I thought it would look really nice if I added a belt. At the price point of $49.50 though, too expensive for me. The color is also a beautiful purple, not the putrid brownish colour thanks to my phone. Ignore the touch of pink in the background from another item I tried on. It looks kind of funny 😉

Petite Sequin Front Tee, XSP $59.50

Bought. It was on sale for $39.99 with an additional 30%. I’m wondering if an XXSP would fit me better, but I actually like how the shirt isn’t something I normally would wear, plus I liked the longer looser length so it would look better with skinny jeans or jeggings. I’m a bit hesitant with the purchase though, despite my liking how unique it is. I’m just thinking how else I would dress it and I’m not sure I can come up with enough ways to justify it. What do you think? Keep or return?

Going through the regular section, I’m always jealous by the beautiful pieces I’ve seen but most likely won’t fit because it’s too long. For example, this Distressed Dot Shell is so pretty and me wants to try it, but … only in regular, alas. I wish they would create more petites from their regular items. Are there any items that you wish came in petite?

My friend then asked me if I wanted to go check out NY&C, and I was sorely disappointed because they have some absolutely gorgeous tops with the most beautiful colors, but all their XS tops were huge, not even worthy of reviewing. But the colors were so pleasing I wanted to purchase a couple. I was good though, because the lack of fit is probably not even worth $1. I despise all the clipping they do on their mannequins!